iGlowRunning in Paris

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  1. Victoria Martin says:

    For the upcoming Star wars Dark Side in April 2017. I would like to be the female Darth Talon. I have a running skirt I intend to use already just need the top to finish it off. I stumbled upon your website in my search for other pieces of my costumes. I am quite surprised that I have not found you sooner. I am anxiously awaiting to see if this is a project you would consider undertaking.

  2. Kb says:

    wow ! your items are out of this world original !! Hello, I represent the Geek Fashion Show, the first and largest geek themed fashion show in the United States. We would be interested in speaking to you about participating in one of our upcoming shows. If you’re interested in seeing how we could work together, please reply or send the page a message. Thank you for reading, please take a moment to check out what we do. We look forward to hearing back from you. Regards,

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